International relations

Space activities are by definition international in nature. To a growing extent, the driving force behind space activities is the broad spectrum of possible applications that can benefit society on a global scale. This also presents opportunities for the Dutch sector to play a meaningful role in a new and emerging market. As a government organisation, the NSO can act as a facilitator. To that end, the Team International Relations undertakes the following activities:

  1. Drawing up a joint internationalisation agenda with the sector
  2. Facilitating and maintaining NL Space branding to present the Netherlands as a space-operating country
  3. Developing and strengthening bilateral contacts with other Space Agencies
  4. Bringing in other (semi-)government organisations to stimulate and facilitate international cooperation and trade (posts, HTSM, NFIA, IQ, RVO…)

These activities are conducted with a focus on international relations and trade facilitation in close collaboration with the Team Development Space Sector and the Team Communication & Education.

Programme manager: Thomas Bleeker, 06 250 478 74