Satellite communication is a global, commercial market. ESA focuses on strengthening Europe's competitive position in the manufacturing and service industries as well as telecom applications.

ESA's Telecommunications and Integrated Applications Directorate is responsible for realising all telecom activities. There are three groups of activities:

  1. Activities aimed at technology, product and component development
  2. Activities aimed at complete systems, some in collaboration with commercial partners
  3. Activities that support the development of services and applications

The three groups of activities are realised in various ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) elements. ESA Member States can voluntarily participate in these elements. Some of the elements are competitively tendered, while others are initiated by industry. Member States have control over the elements through the JCB (Joint Board on Communication Satellite Programme). NSO represents the Netherlands on the JCB.

A complete and detailed overview of all current ARTES programme elements is available on the ESA website. If you would like to participate in one of the programmes, please contact NSO or take a look at this overview.

For several elements, the Dutch registration for ESA may only be used if prior explicit consent has been obtained from NSO. This letter of support must be requested form NSO before the proposal is submitted. The procedure and conditions are described here.