Satellites are constructed from the strongest, lightest and most robust materials available. Measurement instruments push back the boundaries of what is technically possible and numerous innovations are realised to enable the processing of satellite data. In a nutshell: the space industry is a high-tech industry that provides opportunities in space as well as here on Earth.

Each satellite is unique and leads to technological innovations such as the development of nanoelectronics, ultrasensitive sensors, superstrong structures and materials, and new ways of obtaining and using energy more efficiently. All of this is common practice in the space industry.

But it does not stop there. After a successful launch, satellite missions transmit their data back to Earth every day. Specific software is needed to process all that raw data into intelligible information. That requires a highly specialised knowledge of the space sector as well as the sector where the data will be used.

The Netherlands has a considerable pool of knowledge and experience in the development, construction and testing of space technology. We are specialised in miniaturisation, solar energy, optical and scientific instruments, and the interpretation and application of satellite data. NSO strives to ensure the maximum use of this expertise within the space sector and beyond.