About NSO

The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) is the space agency of the Dutch government. NSO's task is to advise upon and realise Dutch space policy. NSO reports, both financially and substantively, through its director to its clients, who are united in the steering group NSO. These are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). NSO can also carry out assignments for ministries that are not part of the steering group NSO. The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is the coordinating Minister.

NSO was established on 1 January 2009 by the later members of the steering group NSO, with the aim of consolidating various executive tasks of Dutch space policy and setting up of a single point of contact for the government with respect to the space sector.

The director of NSO leads an organisation with dedicated support staff and specialists and has the NSO Programme Council available for advice.

The key principles and agreements about NSO are recorded in a covenant that was agreed upon by the founding parties.

NSO is located in The Hague.