Letter of Support

In a number of optional programmes, member states have a direct say in terms of how their registration is deployed. For an activity to be performed in a member state, the representative of that member state needs to approve (partial) deployment of their registration.

The ESA ITTs state that such approval is mandatory. ATTENTION! Only entities that registered with ESA in advance can submit a proposal.

Those filing a proposal are responsible for obtaining the international representative’s approval. NSO is the Dutch representative to ESA. Approval is granted by formal letter with various title options (“letter of support”, “letter of authorisation”, “authorisation of funding”). This may involve proposals submitted in the context of a competitive tender or proposals offered to ESA on a proactive basis. When in doubt whether or not such approval is required, it is best to get in touch with NSO.

With a letter of support, NSO approves partial deployment of the registration for an activity that will be executed by one or several Dutch parties. Approval always applies to a specific proposal and states the maximum budget available to the Dutch participants.

Prior to granting its approval, NSO will assess the proposal based on a number of criteria derived from the Dutch space policy and assessments of the economic, social and scientific value of the (end) result of the activity, its relevance within the (technological) roadmaps, external fundability and the cost/benefit ratio. Assessment of the proposal requires all relevant information to be submitted in time.

NSO observes a formal application procedure based on an application form. NSO stimulates a dialogue about the intended activity prior to commencement of the formal application procedure.

The procedure for requesting support as well as specific features and additional information pertaining to various programmes can be found here.