Satellite applications

False colour image (Pleiades-NEO), area around Vinkeveense plassen, June 4, 2023

Today’s world is an information society. We live in a society that has a growing need for rapidly available information, for example about the weather, the development of the climate, the right time to sow or harvest, security, the traffic volume, stock market movements on the other side of the world and far more current or future societal needs. Satellite data as a source of information, whether it is combined with other source of information or not, is of inestimable value in this regard. Satellites measure the entire planet and can provide insights into changes over time. Due to this growing demand for the availability of information, there is a global market for satellite applications that both governments and commercial parties are interested in. At the same time, both governments and a growing number of commercial parties are the suppliers of satellite data, and the quantity and quality of the available satellite data is rapidly increasing. This creates opportunities for developers and suppliers of services, but also for governments and markets to make use of the services.