Earth observation

Satellite information has become indispensable in our everyday lives as well as in science. The weather, a gap in the ozone layer, greenhouse gases, the sea level, and the melting of the polar ice caps are all monitored with the help of satellites.

With Tropomi, the Netherlands is once again making a valuable contribution to the set of instruments for Earth observation. Tropomi is mapping the air quality worldwide with details down to neighbourhood level and we are learning a lot about climate change from these observations.

NSO helps Earth scientists with their work. In collaboration with NWO, we realise the User Support for Space Research Programme. This programme supports Dutch researchers who want to use information obtained from satellites for groundbreaking scientific Earth and planetary research. This research helps science to progress and at the same time makes new societal applications of satellites possible. Examples of this include precision farming, water management, rapid emergency relief in the case of natural disasters and the protection of wildlife areas.

A growing number of national and international government and other organisations have discovered the use of Earth-observation data and are starting to use this category of satellite applications. In many cases, Earth scientists have provided the basis for this new technology. However, there is a growing number of private companies that are also active in the area of Earth observation as either users or suppliers of applications. Through Earth observation, Earth scientists are therefore contributing to a safe and sustainable society.

NSO encourages the use of satellite data and makes data available for scientists and companies via the Satellite Data Portal, for example. (in Dutch)