Space for Climate Workshop

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to the entire world. The consequences of a warming climate are far-reaching – affecting fresh water resources, biodiversity, global food production, sea level and triggering an increase in extreme-weather events. In order to understand and tackle climate change, scientists and decision-makers need reliable data to understand how our planet is changing.

The consistent, systematic and global satellite measurements of Earth's climate system are essential to our understanding of the climate crisis. Both for climate monitoring and research and to support climate adaptation and mitigation.

On 31 May we will look at what the Netherlands is contributing to the monitoring, mitigation and adaptation of climate change using satellite observations. We would like to inform you about the added value of satellite observations for climate policy, and the current and future contributions of the Netherlands in this area in the perspective of global, European and national developments.

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When: Tuesday May 31th, 2022 1-5pm.

Where: Netherlands Space Office

Language: ENG

Who: this workshop is aimed at climate policy makers of Dutch ministries and executing organisations


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If you have any questions or requests regarding this workshop please feel free to get in touch with Joanna Ruiter ( or Raymond Sluiter (