Earth Observation, Science & Society Symposium

On October 10th, the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and the The Dutch Research Council (NWO) organised the second Earth Observation Science & Society Symposium (EO3S). This year the theme was data science; bringing scientists, companies and public organisations together.

The Earth observation (EO) community is both producing and using ever more data. At the same time, data science technologies have been evolving rapidly. The combination of these two relatively recent developments provides great potential for advancing Earth observation research and applications. We aimed to help optimise this potential by strengthening the connections between the EO and data science fields. This EO3S symposium provided inspiring examples of data science applications and fruitful collaborations. We had a full-day programme with keynote speakers, a plenary session with invited talks and parallel technical sessions. Also, dedicated data science projects recently granted within the national User Support Programme Space Research (GO programme) were showcased.

The keynote speakers were:

There was also the opportunity to present your work in a Poster Session during the day. Over 20 posters were on display.

Raymond Sluiter (NSO)
Nout van Deijck (NSO)
Radboud Koop (NSO)
Jennifer Grant (NSO)
Niels van den Berg (NWO)

Program [presentation and poster files added]







Welcome and Introduction

Harm van de Wetering (Director NSO)



Devis Tuia (WUR)

"Deep learning and remote sensing: beyond classifying pixels"


Session 1 – Data Analysis

Erik van Sebille (UU)
"Mapping floating marine plastic debris using Earth Observation"

Richard de Jeu (VanderSat)
"The characteristics of satellite soil moisture at different spatial scales"

Lyana Curier (CBS)
"How can National Statistics Offices benefit from Earth Observations?"


Coffee break


Session 2 – Data Engineering

Joris Timmermans (CML Leiden University)
"MULTIPLY: Exploiting Benefits of Multi-sensor Synergies for EO Applications"

Sacha van Hijum (KPMG)
"Hyperlocalized demand forecasting using geographically-linked data sources"

Andrea Pagani (KNMI)
"From gathering to analysis: data pipeline examples at KNMI"


Poster session + lunch
[poster files are added below this program]



"Eratosthenes - chasing shadows to investigate worldwide glacier change"

Bas Altena (University of Oslo (UiO))

"Remote sensing of damage feedbacks and ice shelf instability in Antarctica"

Stef Lhermitte (TUD)

"A new perspective on global vegetation water dynamics from radar satellite data"

Susan Steele-Dunne (TUD)




Technical Parallel Sessions

Big Analysis Ready Data in the Cloud

- Introduction to data platform developments
- Big Sentinel-1 based analytics for forest disturbance and recovery monitoring
- What is Google Earth Engine?
- Walk through: processing petabytes of EO data using Google Earth Engine

- Raymond Sluiter (NSO)
- Jan Verbesselt (WUR)
- Gennadii Donchyts (Deltares)
- Gennadii Donchyts (Deltares)

Workshop data science tooling

Johan Hidding & Faruk Diblen (NL eScience Center), moderated by Nout van Deijck (NSO)

Data Science Applications

- "Applications of TROPOMI data"
- " AI-based automated parcel monitoring "
- "Modelling the impacts of deforestation on rainfall patterns in Africa: a machine learning approach"


- Jos de Laat (KNMI)
- Cornelis Valk & Rob Beck (NEO)
- Pieter Bas Leezenberg (SkyGeo)





Holger Hoos (Leiden University, CLAIRE (video))

"AI and Earth Observation - a Match Made in Heaven"


Poster session & drinks



  • What: EO Science & Society Symposium (EO3S)
  • When: Thursday October 10th
  • Where: Netherlands Space Office, Prinses Beatrixlaan 2, The Hague