Early-stage financing

Vroegefacefinanciering (Early-stage financing) is intended for the development of innovative products and services, by making use of scientific, technical and/or business knowledge. Innovative start-ups and established SMEs can all make use of early-stage financing. The scheme focuses on 3 target groups:

  • SME entrepreneurs (small and medium-sized)
  • innovative start-ups (≤ 5 years)
  • academic/HBO/TO2 start-ups (whose economic activities stem directly and immediately from research by a university or a college of higher education)

In the past, space-related projects involving the establishment of new air quality services have been funded by this scheme. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) implements this scheme for the target groups SME entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups. The NWO domain of Applied and Technical Sciences (TTW) implements this scheme for academic, HBO and TO2 innovative start-ups. SME entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups can submit applications to RVO throughout the year. On the website of the RVO you can find more information and you can do a quick scan to get a quick insight in whether this scheme may be of interest.

More information:

Information page RVO (in Dutch)

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