Feedback on and ideas for scientific grant instruments for space science

NSO and NWO are reviewing and updating the scientific grant programs focused on space: Earth Observation, Planetary Research and Astronomy. NWO and NSO, commissioned by OCW, have for many years been implementing the Programs Use of Space Infrastructure for Earth Observation and Planetary Research (GO) and the Expertise Networks (KNW) .The goal of the revision of these programmes is to make sure NSO stays effective in supporting the scientific community when using space resources for research and strengthening the Dutch position in space (research).

We would appreciate all input/feedback on this topic, for example on:

  • What is your experience with the GO program? How do you value the program?
  • What is your experience with the Expertise Networks program? How do you value the program?
  • What obstacles do you encounter when using space infrastructure or data for your research? Aspects to consider include, for example, data calibration/validation, funds for hiring PhD or postdocs, development of processing/analysis pipelines, research to develop scientifically innovative (big) data analysis methods, data valorization or finding potential societal partners.
  • What kind of support would be (most) useful for using space data for your research or for participating in international (ESA) projects and programs? How could such support complement existing NWO grant instruments such as the Open Competition ENW?
  • Do you see possible synergies regarding use of space data or research for space instrument development that could result from collaborations between Earth observation, planetary research and astronomy?

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