Sustainable Development Goals Partnership

Is your organisation a company, NGO or knowledge institute? Do you want to contribute to a sustainable world which includes everyone? Then, your project may be entitled for support from the SDG Partnership Facility [1]. The SDG Partnership facility (SDGP) helps to achieve the following sustainable development goals in developing countries [2]:

  • SDG 2: ending hunger
  • SDG 8: decent jobs and economic growth
  • SDG 17: partnerships for the goals.

To reach these goals, it is necessary to work together. That is why SDGP works with public-private partnerships (PPPs) between government, businesses, NGOs and/or knowledge centres. Public-private partnerships focus on improving water security, food security and private sector development in development countries. The SDGP challenges businesses and social organisations to find innovative solutions together.

For example, yours could be a project that leads to a higher agricultural yield in development countries using less raw materials, land, water and fertiliser. Another example is a project that contributes to local job opportunities and better working conditions with a focus on the position of women and young adults. Satellite data and digital tools can be part of the solutions and have already been used in several of the projects [3].

More information:

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