Open Competition Science

In the NWO Open Competition Domain Science researchers can apply individually or in collaboration for curiosity-driven, fundamental research in the research fields of the NWO Domain Science (ENW). There are three funding instruments: OC ENW-XS, OC ENW-M en OC ENW-XL. ENW-M grants are intended for innovative, fundamental research of high quality and/or scientific urgency. Funding can be applied for (continuously) for 1 or 2 scientific positions or for investments between k€ 150 and k€ 500. ENW-XS is explicitly about curiosity-driven, adventurous research and the rapid exploration of a promising idea. ENW-XS grants are limited to €50k. ENW-XL consortia create added value through collaboration, compared to separate smaller projects. ENW-XL application rounds for grants between M€ 1 and 3 are opened once every two years.

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