KIC – Knowledge and Innovation Convenant

Climate change, cybersecurity, an aging population: our society faces a number of major challenges that require more knowledge and groundbreaking innovations. This offers opportunities for scientists, companies and public parties. NWO is responding to these challenges by investing over 100 million euros annually in research in which public and private parties collaborate. Through the KIC 2020-2023 program, NWO contributes to the government's mission-driven top sector and innovation policy.

Within the KIC there are several programs and instruments, such as Mission-Driven Calls, Partnerships, Top Sector Programs, or Interdisciplinary Cooperation. These programs try to bring different parties together so that new consortia and innovative research can emerge. Special rules have been established for the participation of SMEs. The financial NWO contribution to the KIC is available for fundamental and applied research, carried out by scientists in collaboration with companies.

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