Shipping and Offshore

Shipping and offshore covers all maritime activities and the sea conditions that influence them. Most of these conditions are related to the weather, but sea depth, sea ice, logistics and communication are also important factors within the maritime sector.

NSO is examining the possibilities of satellite information for various target groups, each of which has its own wishes. For the transport of goods and passengers, efforts are being made to realise smart navigation that considers the conditions at sea, available arrival times in the harbour, shipping lanes and efficient fuel use. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) - which all large ships must use - also makes increasing use of satellite communication. For maritime operations (offshore), knowledge about sea conditions is crucial. For the fishing industry, wind and currents are the most important factors.

Within the theme, particular consideration is being given to the requirements of users. It appears that a lot of benefits can still be gained from the timely availability of information so that existing systems can make good operational use of it. There is a clear call for collaboration between the maritime sector, space companies in the Netherlands and the geo-ICT sector.

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