Quantitative freshwater management

Water is vital for human health, indispensable for the production of food and energy, and important for social and economic development. Sometimes, there is too much water and flooding occurs. In other areas, drought prevails and water is scarce. The opportunities for the Dutch water and information sector are described within the quantitative freshwater management theme. NSO encourages the use of satellite data to monetise these opportunities.

Freshwater management covers all activities with respect to the management of ground and surface water. Within this theme, only the quantitative management is examined. Besides the handling of extremes – floods and drought, the theme also covers the day‑to‑day management of water. The latter focuses on supply and the water level, which are important for agriculture, nature conservation, the energy sector and urban areas, among other things.

Satellite data is already widely used in water management, for example for predicting, detecting and monitoring drought and floods. Satellites can also map soil water, so that information about evaporation rates can be generated. This is useful in dry farming or nature areas where water is scarce. This theme strives to bring together supply and demand at both the national and international levels.

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