AI4Copernicus conference in The Hague

What's happening in the world of satellite applications? How can we use artificial intelligence to process satellite data faster and better? And how do satellites contribute to solving social challenges? This will be discussed during the fourth edition of the AI4Copernicus conference, on Wednesday, May 22 at the NSO in The Hague.

The international conference AI4Copernicus aims to promote the use of Copernicus, the European Earth observation programme. During the conference, attention will be paid to social challenges, such as water management, sustainable infrastructure and soil management. Satellite data and applications can play an important role in resolving this.

Artificial intelligence will be discussed during AI4Copernicus. Inspiring speakers talk about the latest developments in this field and how this technology is used to develop and improve satellite applications.

Both speakers and visitors to the conference play a role in science, government and/or business. NSO expects that connecting these different perspectives will lead to the exchange of ideas and new, promising collaborations.

We have reached the maximum number of participants. Due to the great popularity, we have established a waiting list. If a participant unsubscribes, a spot will become available. Do you have questions about the conference or would you like to sign up for the waiting list? Send an email to ai4copernicus@spaceoffice.nl.

This event is organized on behalf of the FPCUP of the European Commission.