Nine new Earth observation and planetary research projects granted

The NSO and NWO (the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) have awarded more than 2.7 million euros to nine research projects using satellite data: six in the field of earth sciences and three planetary studies.

The scientists in the awarded projects will research, among other things, the seafloor topography of the Wadden and North Sea, the influence of clouds on the melting of the Greenland ice cap, the effect of particulate matter on climate and research the atmosphere of Venus. The complete list of honored projects can be found on the NWO site.

Satellites are valuable tools in science and offer a unique perspective of the Earth and planets. Satellite missions are developed and maintained by various space agencies and institutions; the Netherlands contributes to this through ESA, among others. The NSO and NWO encourage the use of satellite data in Earth and planetary sciences by funding research, within the framework of the space policy of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The assessment committee reviewed 26 Earth observation and 5 planetary research applications in this round. The quality of all submitted proposals was very high.


The Dutch instrument SpexONE on NASA's PACE satellite will measure a.o. particulate matter. Source: NASA