Want to boost your space career?

This summer from June 27 to August 26 the Space Studies Program (SSP22) of the International Space University (ISU) will take place in Oeiras, Portugal. The Space Studies Program is designed for young graduates, professionals starting or changing emphasis in their space careers or for persons working in space-related fields who wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding beyond their current discipline. Above all it is an inspiring summer broadening not only your knowledge, but your network as well.

The Space Professionals Foundation (SSPF) provides co-financing for “NL-Connected” participants. SSP22 is ideally suited for promising employees who have already built up a number of years of work experience, as well as for advanced students.

Candidates can apply for co-financing from SSPF. The protocol and registration form can be found here. The Foundation will consider all requests, taking into account possible co-financing from ESA and the candidate's employer, and taking into account the available funds.

But don’t wait too long: The first deadline for registration closes January 31, 2022; this is also the deadline for applying for partial scholarships from ISU. The second, final deadline closes on April 30, 2022.