The livelihood of over 250,000 food producers in developing countries has improved by G4AW-projects

In Vietnam more than 3,000 family farms are making use of the Sat4rice app, in Burkina Faso about 14,000 farmers and pastoralists are being supported, and in Uganda over 36,000 farmers are being insured. Some impressive numbers of the reach of NSO’s G4AW program, aimed to improve food security by satellite services in development countries. NSO runs the program financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This week the first results of the G4AW projects have been released and published on a dedicated website called ‘Akvo RSR’ for open and transparent communication. The results provide an insight into what is happening in the 23 projects divided over 14 countries which have received financial support via the G4AW program. The website provides: 1) achieved results of projects, 2) detailed description of the projects and 3) financial insight on provided subsidies.

It is the first time G4AW is presenting its results so extensively. One of the striking conclusions that can be drawn is that the livelihood of over 250,000 food producers was improved with the help of the services of the G4AW projects. As many of the projects are still in the start-up phase we expect more and more food producers can be supported in the future. Visit the website and have a closer look into the G4AW program and all projects. The website can be found here.

Don’t know what Akvo RSR is?

Akvo RSR is our partner and it stands for Really Simple Reporting. It’s an online tool that allows teams all over the world to collaborate, monitor their work and instantly share their results. Watch this short video for more information.”

What is G4AW and what’s the connection to NSO?

Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) improves food security in developing countries by using satellite data. Netherlands Space Office (NSO) is executing this programme, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Dutch government and the Netherlands Space Office share the vision that access to information is key to increasing the livelihood of the poorest citizens of Planet Earth. We therefore support the development of satellite-based information services to sustainably improve food security and thereby partake in the contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.