Call December 2022

The call of the GO programme is open.

Download the Call for proposals here.

Note: there are several differences between the current and the previous GO round. Section 1.1.1 in the Call for proposals summarizes the differences.

Submission of applications is only possible through the website of NWO:

Brief information on the current call

(more information in the Call for proposals)


For this round the available budget is €2,400,000.


The deadline for submitting applications is 9 May 2023 at 14:00:00 hours CEST.


A GO grant has a maximum amount of € 320,000. The grant must be used for a single temporary scientific position (a PhD student or postdoc) in combination with material budget of at most €15,000 per year per fte.

Who can apply:

Full, associate, and assistant professors and other researchers with a comparable position may submit an application if they have a tenured position (and therefore a paid position for an indefinite period) or a tenure track agreement at one of the organisations that are mentioned in the Call for proposals.


Applications are assessed on the basis of the following two criteria:

1. Scientific quality of the proposal – What? (weight 70%);

2. Scientific and/or societal impact – Why? (weight 30%).

Admissible applications are assessed by independent external experts (referees). The referees’ reports are sent to the applicants for a written rebuttal. The assessment committee ranks the applications on the basis of the assessment criteria and advises the Domain Science Board of NWO about the quality of the applications.


Based on the advice of the assessment committee and the available funding, the Domain Science Board of NWO decides whether to grant or reject the applications.

Some important issues:

The available budget of 2.4 million euro will be allocated across the two themes, with each theme having a set grant ceiling. A total of 1.6 million euro is available for the theme Earth observation, and 0.8 million euro is available for the theme planetary research.

Parallel assessment trajectories will be established for Earth observation and planetary research. When appointing the members of the assessment committees, we will do our best to choose members whose expertise fits the applications.

Another change from the previous GO round is that in the current GO round, the definition of ‘substantial use of space infrastructure’ is different for each theme.

Note: for details about these and other changes compared to the previous GO round please refer to the Call for proposals (see section 1.1.1 for an overview).