PIPP Programme

The Netherlands Space Office is cooperating with the NWO Domain Science (ENW) in the Partnerships for Space Instruments & Applications Preparatory Programme.

The aim of the Partnerships for Space Instruments & Applications Preparatory Programme is to advance the international position of The Netherlands in the area of the development and use of space instruments, by supporting expertise networks.

Who can apply

One of the members of the expertise network will act as the main applicant. Funding from the Partnerships for Space Instruments & Applications Preparatory Programme can be applied for by associate, assistant and full professors or researchers with a comparable position who hold an appointment at a Dutch university or a research institute recognised by NWO.

The main applicant should have a paid employment contract for at least the duration of the application process and the research for which funding is requested.

What to apply for

A grant may be requested for a maximum total budget of 660 K Euro, and a maximum project duration of 5 years. Both research activities and network supporting activities can be funded.

The grant can be used for:
Temporary scientific personnel (PhD students for 4 years, postdocs for a maximum of 3 years).
Material and travel costs directly related to the activities of the expertise network.

Applicants cannot apply for a grant to cover the costs of tenured staff, student assistants, analysts or technicians, overhead cost, general laboratory equipment and the costs for maintenance, insurance.

When to apply

The deadline for the submission of pre-proposals (initiatives) was on 3 September 2019, 14:00 hours CE(S)T.

The deadline for the submission of full proposals was on 12 December 2019, 14:00 hrs (CEST).



Criteria for the policy check: see brochure.

The proposals will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Originality/Innovative character;
  2. Scientific quality of the proposal;
  3. Scientific quality of the consortium.


The procedure comprises the following stages:

  • Check of the announced initiatives by NSO;
  • Determining the admissibility of the full applications by NSO;
  • Policy check by NSO;
  • Review by scientific experts and rebuttal;
  • Final qualification by scientific experts and NSO;
  • Decision by the board of NWO Domain Science based on the final qualification and the available budget.


dr. ir. R. Koop, +31 88 042 4528, r.koop@spaceoffice.nl
drs. D.S.D. Hollman, +31 88 042 4544, d.hollman@spaceoffice.nl