In 2006, the European Space Agency opened the first European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) at Science Centre NEMO in Amsterdam. On behalf of NSO and ESA, ESERO NL develops teaching materials and activities about space for primary and secondary schools. ESERO NL primarily focuses on teachers. The website offers downloads of the lesson plans on the numerous subjects covered.

ESERO NL also supports teachers by organising meetings around the country, during which teachers can become acquainted with the many teaching possibilities concerning this theme. The aim is to make space, science and technology exciting and understandable for everybody, including teachers without a scientific background.

Experts from the full breadth of the Dutch space sector contribute to ESERO NL by making contributions for teaching materials or providing lectures at teachers' meetings.

On behalf of NSO, ESERO NL has developed a Physics, Life and Technology module for the most able senior secondary school students about ‘Earth observation and satellites’. In this module, the students learn about several satellites, the data these provide and their applications. Within the themes atmosphere, land and sea, pupils carry out practical assignments and process and interpret satellite data. They complete the module by carrying out their own research project.

In collaboration with SchoolTV of the Dutch broadcaster NTR, ESERO developed a series of short films that introduce school pupils to ‘working in spaceflight’. These 'clip hangers' about space experts can be watched here.