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Netherlands Space Office

Space Technology

Spaceflight puts extreme requirements on technology development that are beyond comparison with any other technology sector. Because of these strict requirements, space guides technology, both literally and figuratively, to new heights. 
The development of nano-electronics, ultra-sensitive sensors, super-strong materials and structures, new ways to efficiently gather and use energy: for spaceflight these are necessary, and we benefit from them here on Earth. The issues that so strongly affect us here on Earth, from the air we breathe to the car we drive to the food we eat are similar to those addressed by technology in space.

Whether its an instrument onboard a space platform or a person aboard a space station, the technology invented to provide a safe environment, a trajectory and fuel is simply an advanced solution to the same problems we come across on Earth. Because of these similarities, advances in space technology provide new possibilities on Earth. The Netherlands specializes in scientific instrumentation, satellite components, propulsion, and other developments that drive technology here on Earth into the future.

Proba-2 in flight - artist impression - credit: ESA
Small Satellites
Good things come in small packages.
Herschel and HIFI integration - image: ESA
Scientific Instrumentation
It’s up there, now what does it do?
Solar panels being tested in Noordwijk - image: ESA
Satellite Components
Spaceflight’s basic ingredients
Vinci igniter system for the Ariane 5 - image: TNO
Propulsion Developments
It is rocket science!
Microned collage - credit: MicroNed
Small, efficient, and futuristic