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Netherlands Space Office

Planet Earth

Climate problems clutch our attention more and more as we gain knowledge about our planet. Satellites are enormously important, because their data provides scientists with a detailed image, and thereby understanding, of the Earth’s atmosphere world wide, in high detail, daily. 

Because of the accuracy, speed and use of this data, satellites are not only of use to the scientific community, but can also be used to show whether environmental laws, policies and agreements are having an effect. Before the Olympics in China, for instance, the Netherlands was able to maintain a constant understanding of what pollutants were in the air as athletes prepared to take our breath, and not theirs, away. 

As you can imagine, in order to be used most effectively, satellite instruments must be able to see and report relevant pollution and greenhouse gasses in as much detail as possible, and as often as possible. The Netherlands is especially talented in the Earth observation technologies that provide the highest resolution images across the largest range of atmospheric gasses - on a daily basis.

 Dutch atmospheric instrumentation and data processing makes possible a real future of effectively understanding and caring for our environment.

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Satellite creating atmospheric profile credit: ESA

A future of hope for our planet

Envisat with Sciamachy onboard - credit: ESA
Global atmospheric data in high resolution
Measurements from OMI as seen in Google Earth - credits: KNMI and Google Earth
Global daily images of our atmosphere and ozone
GOME-2's view of planet Earth image: KNMI
Near real-time data for air quality forecasting
The Earth as seen by GOCE - image: ESA
A 21st century push to understand Earth’s timeless pull
Earth's sophisticated systems - credit: ESA
Observing our planet for a safer world