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Netherlands Space Office

Daily Life

Space is an essential and constantly growing part of our daily life. Weather forecasts, communications, and navigation, but also the development of new technology: without spaceflight it would all be very different right now. 
Space technology has made the world much smaller, safer and simpler to live in. From knowing what the weather will be like while packing for vacation, to having emergency vehicles that can navigate traffic to reach a scene quicker, to easily coordinating business meetings from half a world away, the benefits are all around. In order to allow people to take such current and future capabilities for granted, the Netherlands has programmes to encourage the innovative use of space technology in everyday life. The Netherlands is ahead of the game in terms of using space-data to improve issues like energy, food, health and the environment.

Space is an intrinsic part of life and will continue contributing to the newest developments in these fields.
We can’t change the weather, but we can help you deal with it.
Space technology takes you to new places
Formula Zero Race Car - credit: Formula Zero
Space is cool - 3 degrees Kelvin cool.
Your health, our help
Food from space is food for thought
Space technology drives energy solutions