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Netherlands Space Office

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Space is becoming increasingly important for our daily life on earth. We navigate to our destination guided by satellites, we monitor the health of our planet from space, we obtain news from the other side of the world via satellites, and space telescopes peer into the outskirts of the universe to unravel the secrets of stars and planets.

Since man’s first missions into space back in the 1950s, the Netherlands has played a leading role in several space activities. The Netherlands has a proud tradition in space research, and our space technology has often formed an essential contribution to international space missions. Nowadays, a growing number of innovative companies are discovering the wealth of possibilities that space offers for applications in daily life.

Looking ahead, the next few decades promise to be even more exciting for the international space scene than the last few, and the Dutch government views the Dutch space sector as a catalyst for our innovative economy. Against this background our government decided in 2008 to establish the Netherlands Space Office (NSO), whose mission is to develop and realise the Dutch space programme and to act internationally as the Dutch space agency.

The Space Directory of the Netherlands is an initiative of the Netherlands Space Office. It provides a short overview of the Dutch space sector and its capabilities, and refers to the more detailed information in the online Space Directory. With the Space Directory we want to inform international space agencies, the private sector, research institutes and a broad public about Dutch activities in space. Furthermore, it gives our international partners up-to-date information about the Netherlands Space Office, and Dutch policy, capabilities and activities with respect to space.

I hope that this Space Directory will prove to be a useful and informative tool for you, and I look forward to working with the many participants in the space community in delivering our objectives.


Dr. Ger Nieuwpoort

Director Netherlands Space Office
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